BJC Convenient Care

With locations across Missouri and Illinois, it’s nice to know that when you have a minor injury or illness you can get expert care, on your schedule. Our experienced staff are ready to provide same-day care so you can feel better faster. At convenient care, your co-pay is often the same as a primary care visit, and it’s often less expensive than a visit to an urgent care or emergency room. 

Convenient Care locations.
When to go to BJC Convenient Care

BJC Convenient Care provides treatment for minor illnesses and injuries such as: 

Everyday Medical Needs

Cough, Cold Strep Throat and Flu Symptoms

Muscle Strains

Joint Sprains

Ear Infection

Sensitive or Personal Issues

Painful Urination

Pelvic Exam / Sexually Transmitted Infection

Seasonal Needs


Sinus and Allergy Symptoms

School or Sports Physicals

COVID-19 Testing

Minor Injuries


Minor Suturing

Minor Scrapes, Cuts, and Bruises