BJC Community Health

For us, good health is an important part of a vibrant community. But good health means so much more than just seeing a doctor for a yearly checkup. When we prioritize health every day, not just when you’re sick, we all get stronger together. It's why we support you—at every stage of life—with classes, events, exercise, advocacy and outreach, and financial programs which help us all make healthcare a central part of our lives. 

  • Community Benefit Report

    Our community benefit programs build upon our continuing charity care and financial assistance, education of health professionals, safety net services, and traditional community outreach programs that resulted in BJC community benefit contributions topping more than $915 million in 2021 

  • Community Health Improvement

    BJC Community Health Improvement aims to eliminate health disparities in under-resourced communities and give all people the opportunity for a healthy, productive life. This proactive approach focuses on the social and economic factors that are root causes of health inequities.

  • Community Health Services

    BJC Community Health Services provides a variety of preventative and early detection services for employers and community members. Services include health screenings, presentations on health issues, weight management courses, fitness and nutrition counseling, fitness and body composition testing, tobacco cessation, personalized health coaching and health risk assessment administration.

  • Oasis for Seniors

    Oasis proudly offers programs to enrich the lives of older adults through the arts, history, technology, current events, health, exercise, volunteer engagement, and more. For over 37 years, Oasis classes and activities to keep senior brains and bodies fit as can be. 

  • School Outreach and Youth Development

    We provide preventive health care education and career opportunities for kids across the region. We guide them away from potential risks with the goal of giving kids the skills to make better decisions for their health and academic success.  

  • Child Health Advocacy and Outreach

    The St. Louis Children's Hospital advocacy program takes their mission, “Do What Is Right For Kids,” and turns it into action, even beyond the hospital setting. We deliver health-related resources and education to families across the region.

  • Classes, Events & Support Groups

    We’re committed to improving the health and well-being of the communities we serve through various support groups, events, classes, presentations, and screenings. Find a class or event near you today.

  • Community Class Requests

    BJC HealthCare accepts requests for community and school hosted events, classes and presentations for community and private groups, school-based programs, health screenings, and health and wellness presentations. Activities are available at no charge to your group or organization and offer the opportunity for event participants to interact with BJC HealthCare. Community Classes and Presentations are designed for community groups.

  • Move by BJC

    Move by BJC is a medically based fitness and wellness center that’s open to the public. We offer personal training, yoga, massage therapy, group exercise classes, and virtual classes. Fees are reduced for BJC employees, and Washington University students and employees.

  • Sponsorships

    BJC HealthCare is committed to improving the health and well-being of the people and communities we serve. One way we do so is by supporting organizations in our community whose mission and goals align with ours.

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