BJC and Saint Luke’s Officially Combine as BJC Health System

Sullivan Weekend Clinic

The thing about illnesses and injuries is, they don’t obey the clock. That’s why there’s the Sullivan Weekend Clinic, open on the weekends to take care of your urgent care needs that don’t require an emergency room visit. Sullivan Weekend Clinic cares for minor illnesses and injuries for patients of all ages.


The right care, right away.

At the Sullivan Weekend Clinic, you’ll receive the highest level of care from compassionate advanced practice providers and physicians. Co-pays are similar to those of a primary care visit, and often less expensive than visiting an urgent care facility or emergency room.

We treat common illnesses and injuries such as sinus infections, fevers, joint and muscle sprains, sore throat, earache, insect bites, rashes and eye irritation, along with cough, cold and flu symptoms, bladder infections and ear infections as well as minor abrasions, scrapes, cuts and bruises.

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