BJC Medical Group Convenient Care at Godfrey

Emergency rooms are not always the best choice for immediate, minor health care needs. And sometimes, it’s tough to get an appointment to see a primary care physician. BJC Medical Group Convenient Care at Godfrey offers same-day care for minor illnesses and injuries, for adults and children. Feel better sooner and get back to your daily life.


The Right Care, Right Away 

At BJC Medical Group Convenient Care at Godfrey, you’ll feel confident you’re getting the highest level of care from well-trained advanced practice providers. Plus, co-pays are typically similar to those of a primary care visit, and often less expensive than visiting an urgent care facility or emergency room.  

We treat common ailments such as sinus infections, fevers, joint and muscle sprains, sore throat, earache, insect bites, rashes, eye irritation, along with cough, cold and flu symptoms. Additionally, we offer COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, general wellness exams and physical exams for sports, camps and other activities. 


Illnesses and Injuries We Treat:
  • Allergies

  • Cough, cold or flu symptoms

  • Ear infection

  • Eye irritation

  • Fever

  • Insect bites and rashes

  • Joint sprains

  • Minor muscle strains

  • Minor scrapes, cuts and bruises

  • Painful urination

  • Sinus symptoms

  • Sore throat


We do not refill medication or prescribe controlled substances.

Hours could change due to holidays or other circumstances.


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