The Science of St. Louis Blues Hockey

Hockey is one of the fastest, toughest games there is and that’s why we love it. But there’s more to it than just slapshots and body checks. Join Blues team physicians and their Washington University Physicians colleagues from BJC HealthCare as we go behind the scenes and learn the science of what goes into keeping the Blues at the top of their game and safe. From the brain, to the heart, to all the muscles, joints and ligaments you’ll get a first-hand take on the science of St. Louis Blues hockey from those who know.

Season 5
  • Episode 1: Sticks and Bones

    In the world of hockey, the action never stops – it’s a high-speed, heart-pounding game. But how does the human body generate all that power and speed? In this episode of The Science of Blues Hockey, medical director for the St. Louis Blues and Washington University orthopedic surgeon at Barnes-Jewish Hospital Dr. Matt Matava guides us as we explore the biology behind the Blues’ power.

  • Episode 2: Hockey Takes Your Breath Away

    What does it really mean when you can’t catch your breath? In this episode, Dr. Laneshia Tague, Washington University pulmonologist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, breaks down how frequent line changes help Blues players go all out on the ice play after play. The intense level of play increases the demand for oxygen in the players' lungs, and we'll show you just how this organ keeps up with the game.

  • Episode 3: Change the Future

    Injuries are part of the game. They can derail an athlete’s game, season or even career. What if there was a way for Blues players and even young athletes to reduce their risk of injury? Lead athletic trainer at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Young Athlete Center, Tom McGowan, reveals the answers behind the science of reducing injury risk for athletes. Join host Chris Pronger, former St. Louis Blues Captain, as he explores how analysis similar to what the Blues use has been adapted for youth athletes.

    For more information on an injury risk assessment for your child at the Young Athlete Center, visit

  • Episode 4: Leave it All on the Ice

    In this episode of The Science of Blues Hockey, we dive into how the electricity of adrenaline impacts athletes during a game. Dr. Amy Riek, Washington University endocrinologist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, shares the science behind how adrenaline fuels elite athletes during pivotal moments to bring home a win. Tune in to discover how this rush of adrenaline plays a key role in nail-biting moments throughout the game.

  • Episode 5: Does Sports Specialization Give You An Edge?

    Is it better for youth athletes to play multiple sports, or to specialize in just one? In this episode of The Science of Blues Hockey, Washington University pediatric sports medicine specialist Dr. Kayla Daniel and host Chris Pronger unpack the benefits of being a multi-sport athlete.

  • Episode 6: Time is on Your Side

    Injuries can be an athlete’s worst nightmare – so how do they decide when to push through the pain or sit out and recover? Join Washington University orthopedic surgeon Matthew Smith, MD, and host Chris Pronger as they share how listening to your body can tell you when it’s time to slow down.

  • Episode 7: Rhythm & Blues

    Hockey is an art. Just like a musician follows a melody, Blues players use the sounds around them to make lightning-fast decisions. Hockey players – and other elite athletes – can quiet their brains and turn down the outside noise to focus and interpret the sounds of the game. Watch and listen as Arun Varadhachary, MD, Washington University neurologist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, breaks down how hockey players have sharpened their minds to key into these sounds.

  • Episode 8: Goalie vs. Goalie

    Goalies are the last line of defense — the difference between winning and losing — and St. Louis boasts some of the finest in professional sports. Join us as we explore the skill, agility and power that make the St. Louis Blues’ Jordan Binnington and St. Louis CITY SC’s Roman Bürki so critical to their teams’ performance. In this episode of The Science of Blues Hockey, Chief Medical Officer for St. Louis CITY SC and Washington University orthopedic surgeon Robert Brophy, MD, helps us break down how each goalie makes game-winning saves.

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The Science of Blues Hockey debuted in 2019 and has gone behind the scenes to learn more about what keeps Blues players performing at the top of their game for four seasons. Each season featured a new celebrity host and explored new topics. From helmet to skates, and all the organs, muscles and bones in between, Blues fans learned the science of St. Louis Blues hockey from the pros at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

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