Frequently Asked Questions

What was the rationale for creating an integrated health system?

This was a unique opportunity for our two systems to become the premier Midwest destination for patient care, clinical research, and medical education, and the region’s most exceptional place to work and practice medicine.

Together, BJC and Saint Luke’s can advance our collective positions as:

  • A patient-first industry leader in care delivery, creating value for patients who live in the communities we serve, and defining new levels of quality and excellence.

  • A pillar and economic driver in our communities, preserving equitable access to health care services and addressing disparities, with expectations of contributing more than $1 billion in annual community benefit.

  • A best-in-class platform as the region’s most exceptional place to work, attracting and training talent and intellectual capital across clinical and non-clinical roles.

  • A respected pipeline of and national destination for research and medical education, advancing medical breakthroughs through expanded clinical trial access and accelerated innovation.

  • A sustainable, nonprofit organization with the financial resilience to withstand future industry challenges while still investing thoughtfully in community and strategic priorities.

What are the plans for branding of the integrated system? Will BJC and Saint Luke’s hospitals/clinics retain their existing names?

On Jan. 1, 2024, BJC and Saint Luke’s officially combined as BJC Health System to operate as a single, integrated health care organization serving two regions with a distinct brand in each:

  • BJC HealthCare in the East, serving the St. Louis region, including southern Illinois; and

  • Saint Luke’s in the West, serving the Kansas City region, including eastern Kansas.

What changes should patients expect with completion of this transaction? 

First and foremost, there will be no interruption to patient care or access to resources.

BJC and Saint Luke’s will continue to serve their respective communities, and all hospitals, clinics, and facilities will continue their day-to-day operations as usual.

Over time, our nationally renowned patient-first health care system will have increased ability to invest in our teams, facilities, and capabilities with the goal of enhancing the health and well-being of the communities we serve.

What does this transaction mean for quality and affordability of care?

We are focused first and foremost on creating an even stronger organization capable of improving outcomes and enhancing the health and well-being of patients in the communities we serve today.

Over time, our integrated system will be in a position to create a more seamless patient experience with additional resources to invest in medical advancements and innovation that will enhance the care we provide.

Do you have any specific examples of how patient care may be impacted?

With an even stronger financial foundation, the integrated system will be able to invest in new and innovative ways to deliver care, such as the expansion of virtual health capabilities or development of alternative care sites, for the benefit of the broader community.

We will also be able to advance medical breakthroughs by expanding access to clinical trials and accelerating innovation in patient care, building on each organization’s established strengths and affiliations in research, education, and clinical care excellence.

Does the integrated system accept a wider range of insurance plans? Will pricing change?

There will be no immediate changes to our insurance carrier relationships that would impact a patient’s relationship with our health system.

The intent is for our integrated system is to provide patients with a more seamless experience and enhanced value.

Any changes to the way our integrated health system operates would happen only after a thorough review and would be communicated appropriately.

Is the out-of-pocket/non-insured cost for services any different between the two systems?

Out of pocket costs are determined by your insurance coverage. Both BJC and Saint Luke’s provide discounted rates for patients without insurance coverage.  Costs may vary. Patient cost estimators are publicly available for BJC and Saint Luke’s patients.

Will my MyChart/mySaintLuke’s records be available to both systems?

Only your health care providers will have access to your health records. You may choose which providers to share your information with when you manage your patient portal account.

Both BJC and Saint Luke’s use the same medical records system, Epic, so you’ll be able to seamlessly share records between systems if you choose to do so when you manage your account. For assistance, call 314-273-1966 (for BJC/MyChart) or 866-273-1966 (mySaintLuke’s).

If I receive care at both systems, how do I transfer medical records?

Transferring records between BJC and Saint Luke's is a simple process that you can manage by linking your records in your MyChart and mySaintLuke’s patient portals.

  • For MyChart assistance, call 314-273-1966 or 866-273-1966.

  • For mySaintLuke’s assistance, call 844-446-5479.

Can patients see specialists through both networks?

Patients will continue to be able to do so depending on the terms and conditions of their health insurance plan and coverage.

Will there be a “first available” scheduling option for specialty services with long wait times?

The initial focus is aligning administrative and support services. Scheduling and referrals will work as they have historically. In some cases, enhanced access referrals already occur between BJC and Saint Luke’s. These will continue.

Will physicians at BJC and Saint Luke's have admitting privileges at both systems?

Nothing will change to the current admitting processes at each organization. Physicians will retain the same admitting privileges they previously held and will be able to refer to one another within each region or across the state depending on what is in the best interest of the patient.

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