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Infection & Testing

Over the past year, we’ve all learned more about COVID-19 than we ever thought possible. Yet, there’s a lot of misinformation out there, too.

Do you know what counts as close contact with an infected person? Or the difference between isolation and quarantine? How about when to be tested? Or where?

Arm yourself with the latest information about COVID-19 infection and testing — including what happens if you test positive — and learn to tell COVID-19 Fact from Fiction.

Self Quarantine and Self Isolation Instructions

The infectious disease COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus, may continue to spread in our community. We place some people on home quarantine in order to limit the spread of this virus to others in our community.

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As COVID-19 continues to move through our community, more people will seek or require testing. Visit our new COVID-19 Testing Resource page to learn more about where you can get a test today.

Herd Immunity: What is it and why do I want to be part of the herd?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, scientists, physicians and public leaders have been talking about achieving herd immunity. But what exactly is herd immunity and why is it so important that we achieve it?

What you need to know about testing

Testing for active infection is one of the most important tools the medical community has to contain the spread of COVID-19.

To Our Community

With the positive cases growing exponentially and our COVID-19 hospital admissions already the highest they have ever been, BJC HealthCare and Washington University Physicians are preparing now for how we will handle this inevitable surge of patients who we know will need our services.

Arm yourself with knowledge about COVID-19

What constitutes an exposure to COVID-19?

Get information about what is considered an exposure. Then, understand difference between isolation and quarantine, and what the time requirements are around each.

COVID-19 Fact or Fiction: Is what you've heard true?

With so much information about COVID-19 at our fingertips, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s reliable. We checked with two experts who helped us sort fact from fiction about COVID-19.

What happens after a positive COVID-19 test?

Find out the immediate steps one should take if they positive for COVID-19, as well as what recovery could look like.