Patient rights 

In the BJC HealthCare system, patients have the right to: 

  • Receive treatment respectfully and considerately without discrimination 

  • Be involved in planning their care while in the hospital and after they leave  

  • Give permission for loved ones of their choice to participate in health-related decisions 

  • Enjoy privacy regarding their health information 

  • Designate those who may visit during their hospital stay and be involved with their care 

  • Voice concerns about the care received 

Patient responsibilities 

In addition to their rights, patients also have the responsibility to: 

  • Respect the privacy and dignity of other patients and staff members 

  • Help keep the hospital a safe place, free of drugs, alcohol or weapons 

  • Provide accurate information to their doctors so that they may develop a plan of care that is right for them 

  • Ask questions if something is unclear or they don’t understand their medical evaluation or treatment 

Patient rights and responsibilities help patients take an active role in their own care, and in so doing assist their care team in helping them meet their health needs. The hospital will provide a patient rights and responsibilities document soon after the patient arrives for a stay. Patients who’d like help understanding their rights and responsibilities should ask a staff person for assistance. 

Find out more 

While all BJC HealthCare hospitals support these core patient rights, some may offer additional information related to the specialty services they provide. Here is additional information for each BJC hospital. 

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