Changes Coming to Hospital Lobby

Gift shop opens in temporary location February 27

The start of major renovations to the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Plaza Lobby are on the horizon later this month when the first phase of interior work begins. Over the next two years, the main and street level lobbies will undergo a complete renovation as part of the Plaza Entry component of the Campus Renewal Project.  

When contractors start constructing barriers March 1, the changes may seem significant. However, there are several changes to be aware of effective on the following dates:


  • February 23, 7:30 p.m.:  The Plaza Gift and Flower Shop will close in its current location and remain closed through the weekend.

  • February 27, 7 a.m.:  The Plaza Gift and Flower Shop will open in its temporary location at the former Vision Center on the McMillan hallway, main level.

  • March 1, 6 a.m.:  Contractors will start erecting construction barriers in the main level lobby to contain the gift shop, information desk and the large columns along the west side of the lobby

    • The screening desk will remain in its current location.

    • The information desk will relocate near the Central elevators.

  • March 20:  Pulmonary Rehab on the street level will relocate to its new permanent location on the McMillan hallway, main level, near the Peters Building elevators.

  • December 2023:  The renovated gift shop will open.

The elevators and escalators between the street- and main-level lobbies will remain open and accessible during this phase of construction. The coffee bar and other destinations in the main- and street-level lobbies are not affected at this time.

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