Campus Renewal celebrates interns and new hires


Campus Renewal celebrates interns and new hires

Summer 2021 - The Campus Renewal Project team celebrated interns and new hires who are contributing to the future of health care. The aspiring and new architects and engineers learned more about BJC and the goals of the project, as well as the passion the entire team has for health care. Christopher Dean, BJC’s Campus Renewal project executive, conveyed his appreciation of the team’s efforts to design during a pandemic.

“The entire project team has been working virtually to design Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s 16-story inpatient tower, and we’ve been very successful doing so with the help of some fantastic interns and new employees brought on by the design-build team,” says Christopher Dean, BJC’s Campus Renewal project executive. “We were happy to gather a small group recently to show appreciation for their important contributions and help them understand the significance of Campus Renewal.”

Craig Webster, managing principal, BR+A Consulting Engineers, hired two engineering interns this summer, both of whom contributed to the project. “We were excited to bring on Samantha Kanyi and Griffin Ganz and get them involved with the design of the building systems on such a large complex project and to see how an integrated design-build team collaborates and communicates.”

Dean adds that he appreciates the design-build team’s commitment to educating and mentoring the next generation of engineers, architects, project managers and laborers. “By introducing these young minds to the challenges and rewards of our industry, and sharing our own experiences, I hope they develop a passion that shapes the future of health care design and construction.”

A few interns and new hires shared their thoughts:

Samantha Kanyi, mechanical engineering, University of Missouri St. Louis and Washington University: “I love that while this is an extensive project, BR+A-St. Louis is fairly small, so I’ve always had people to reach out to for help and clarification. My supervisors are also personable and accessible, so I’ve not felt out of place. Besides the basics, I’ve learned about duct design. I’m also learning what good leadership entails. I’m included in team conversations and am always reassured if I struggle with tasks, which shows me the quality of colleague/supervisor I’ll need to be if I’m working with an intern one day: inclusive, accessible and approachable.”
Jaquan Scott, mechanical engineering, University of Missouri Kansas City: “Interning for McCarthy and working with the design-build team on the new construction of the inpatient tower for BJC has been an invaluable experience. Since this project is still in the early stages, I have had the opportunity to work directly with project managers and directors and learn from high level meetings about various aspects of the project. Throughout the summer I took advantage of the opportunity to network and create early relationships with our subcontractors and other interns. This unforgettable experience has given me knowledge about construction and BJC that I will be able to carry with me throughout my career and future endeavors.”
Celine Khashram, architecture, University of Kansas: “Working on such a large project, especially one here in St. Louis, is an amazing experience for me. Having the ability to pass the building and say, ‘I’m working on that,’ is a surreal experience. I have learned a lot from working on this project in terms of coordination and communication. Working with BJC has helped me to understand more about health care in architecture. I am excited to work and expand my knowledge in healthcare architecture as this project keeps developing throughout my internship with Oculus.”
Danielle Voelkerding, architecture, University of Kansas: “It has been an intriguing and invaluable opportunity to contribute to BJC’s Campus Renewal Project. While working on this design, I transitioned from architectural intern to new hire with CannonDesign. I have gained insight into various complexities of this large health care project through assisting with clinical interior fit-out development. Being able to support the design that will impact the health and wellness of the St. Louis community is very humbling, and I’m excited to continue learning from CannonDesign and BJC!”
Gabby Fakeye, architecture, Florida A&M: “I have always had a passion for health care, and it is incredible to be placed on a project where I can combine my two passions health care and architecture. While working for CannonDesign on Campus Renewal Phase 3, I have learned that every floor in a hospital plays a very important role, and each piece of equipment has a very specific location on where it should be placed.”

Front row, left to right: Kathy Bretsch, BJC; Lauren McDaniel, DTLS (new hire); Kaitlyn Poehlein, DTLS (new hire); Celine Khashram, Oculus (intern); Gabby Fakeye, Cannon Design (intern); Chelsea Borders, McCarthy (intern); Charles Henson, BJC

Back row, left to right: Ali Summerfield, Oculus; Donna Ware, BJC; Michelle Ohle, DTLS; Ralph Powell, McCarthy; Mark Taake, Cannon Design; Craig Webster, BR+A; Christopher Dean, BJC; Joe Lewandowski, McCarthy

Interns not pictured: Jaquan Scott, McCarthy; Fazhe Ren and Danielle Voelkerding, Cannon Design; Samantha Kanyi and Griffin Ganz, BR+A

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