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Shoulder replacement surgery: Why choose us? 

BJC HealthCare works with Washington University physicians, BJC Medical Group, and providers across the region to deliver extraordinary care. Your shoulder is one of your body's most complicated joints, so you should receive care from experienced specialists like ours. We deliver appropriate services tailored to your needs and maintain high success rates.  

Highlights of our program include:  

  • Expertise: You receive care from orthopedic surgeons specializing in shoulder surgery. Many have decades of experience. All specialists use research-based shoulder arthroscopy methods. This level of expertise helps us treat the region’s most complex cases.  

  • Shoulder arthroscopy excellence: Our team performs a high-volume of shoulder replacement surgeries each year and maintains exceptional outcomes. We offer advanced options such as reverse shoulder arthroplasty. This procedure provides lasting pain relief for rotator cuff tears that can’t be repaired. 

  • Personalized care: You receive the appropriate procedure for your medical needs. If the upper part of the arm bone is damaged but the shoulder socket is not, you may be eligible for a partial shoulder replacement. We also offer revision surgery to replace worn-out artificial joints or correct issues with a previous procedure. 

  • Focus on comfort: Our experts use techniques that are gentler on your body and lower the risk of complications. Whenever possible, we avoid disruption to nearby muscles. We also use non-narcotic numbing medications during surgery, leading to a smoother recovery. 

Shoulder replacement services we offer at BJC 

We offer all the shoulder arthroscopy options you need in one program. Types of shoulder replacement surgery we offer include:  

  • Total shoulder replacement: We replace the upper part of the arm bone and shoulder socket with an artificial device. 

  • Partial shoulder replacement: This procedure involves replacing the upper arm bone and leaving a healthy shoulder socket intact.  

  • Reverse shoulder replacement: After removing the upper arm bone and part of the shoulder socket, experts attach a metal ball to the arm and anchor it to the remaining tissue. 

  • Shoulder replacement revision: We replace an artificial shoulder joint with a new one. In some cases, we convert a traditional shoulder replacement to reverse shoulder arthroplasty.

Shoulder issues and conditions we treat

Shoulder replacement may provide lasting relief from the symptoms of: 

  • Avascular necrosis
    A disruption to a bone's blood supply leads to tissue death. This weakens the bone, limiting its ability to support your weight.
  • Osteoarthritis
    This condition occurs when the cartilage that cushions the joint wears out. It's a common reason to have arthroplasty.
  • Post-traumatic arthritis
    An injury, such as a broken bone or torn ligament, causes extra wear and tear on your joint.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
    This type of arthritis occurs when the immune system attacks your joints. In some people, it affects multiple joints.
  • Rotator cuff tear
    Shoulder tendons that hold muscles in place to help you move your arms partially or completely tear.
Recovering from your shoulder replacement 

We provide all the necessary services to support your recovery. Care often includes rehabilitation along with special therapies.  

Your personalized rehabilitation program may include: 

  • Aquatic therapy 

  • Nutritional counseling 

  • Occupational therapy 

  • Physical therapy 

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