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Advancing lung transplant care at BJC

Our lung transplantation research program is one of the largest in the U.S. The program was the first to describe a procedure for bilateral sequential lung transplantation, a surgical approach that is now the gold standard for double lung transplants.

We continue to advance care for lung transplant patients, including reducing organ rejection. You may have the opportunity to enroll in one of our clinical trials. As a trial participant, you receive effective treatments and surgery options that are not yet widely available. 

Defying Lung Transplant Odds

Randy, a double lung transplant recipient, celebrates two decades of breath.

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Types of Lung Transplant

Our team of experienced specialists supports you through the entire lung transplant process, answering your questions and easing your concerns. Depending on your needs, we offer the following types of lung transplant

Double lung transplant

Also called a bilateral lung transplant, we remove both your diseased lungs. Your surgeon then implants two healthy lungs from a deceased donor.

Why choose a double lung transplant?

Most lung transplant surgeries we perform are double lung transplants. If you’ve been diagnosed with advanced fibrosis or emphysema, a double lung transplant can increase your quality of life post-transplant more than a single-lung transplant.

What is the wait time for a double lung transplant?

Because of new criteria, the wait time for a double lung transplant has decreased from about two years to four months. Our wait time is even shorter because of the local organ procurement organization (OPO) we work with, Mid-America Transplant. 

Single lung transplant 

During this procedure, your surgeon removes a single diseased lung and replaces it with one healthy lung from a deceased donor.

 Why choose a single lung transplant? 

Most of our lung transplant surgeries are double lung transplants. However, we occasionally perform a single lung transplant. You and your provider discuss if a single or double lung transplant is right for you.

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