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Imaging Services

Radiology studies are often among the first steps in your health journey. You deserve timely, accurate testing that keeps your care moving forward. We are international imaging experts offering convenient access and precise interpretations for all the imaging services you need.

Imaging services: Why choose us?

BJC HealthCare works with Washington University physicians, BJC Medical Group, and providers across the region to deliver extraordinary care. Our team performs more than 1.4 million imaging studies per year. As a high-volume program, we have the experience and expertise to correctly diagnose rare and difficult-to-detect conditions.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Trusted experts: All of our radiologists maintain board certification, meaning they passed rigorous exams demonstrating their knowledge. Many completed advanced training through fellowships. Patients across the region turn to our team because we consistently deliver high-quality radiology services — even for complex issues.

  • Patient-first philosophy: It’s natural to have questions. We explain how testing can help and what to expect so you can feel confident about your care. 

  • Focus on safety: We take extra steps to protect you against unnecessary radiation exposure. These include research-based practices that enable us to capture images quickly and efficiently. Our reputation for accuracy means retakes are rarely necessary.

  • Timely services: Our radiology services fit into your busy schedule, so you get the care you need, right when you need it. We offer flexible hours, including weekend appointments at some locations. Our team often accommodates same-day requests when medically necessary. And we provide results to your referring physician within one to two business days.

Imaging Specialties & Services at BJC

You benefit from the latest imaging technology, some of which is not widely available. Our areas of expertise include 3D imaging and advanced visualization. This technique combines different scans for life-like views of soft tissue and organ systems. Special software makes scans accessible to radiologists in as little as a few seconds.

We are home to some of the nation’s foremost radiology subspecialists. Interventional radiologists use real-time imaging to diagnose and treat issues affecting the blood vessels and organs throughout your body. Additional specialties include breast, brain, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal imaging as well as pediatric radiology.

Learn more about imaging services we offer:

Receive bone density (DEXA) scans
Receive computed tomography (CT) scans close to home.
Lung cancer screenings use low-dose CT scans to detect lung nodules. You benefit from a highly skilled team and nationally recognized program.
Receive nationally recognized 3D mammography services close to home.
We provide quick, accurate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. Our expertise and commitment to quality help you receive outstanding care.
Receive nationally recognized nuclear medicine services close to home.
Receive ultrasound scans from trusted radiologists and specially trained technologists who uphold the highest standards. Services are available close to home.
Receive high-quality X-ray imaging (radiology) services close to home. You can trust our team for accurate results and coordinated care.
BJC Imaging Services Locations

From routine care to the most advanced treatments, we are nearby to cover your every health need. Find expert, compassionate care to help you live your healthiest life at every stage at convenient locations throughout Missouri and Illinois.

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