BJC and Saint Luke’s Officially Combine as BJC Health System

Who We Are:
Transformation Support consultants partner with your organization’s leaders and employees to achieve operational excellence. We provide innovative, cost-effective leadership for performance assessment and improvement. We are as committed to excellence in serving our customers as we are passionate about improving the quality of health care.

What We Offer:
Transformational, sustainable, bottom line results require the use of proven methodologies that increase process speed, eliminate waste, reduce variation and improve customer satisfaction. All these components are included in BJC’s Transformational core competencies:

  • Process improvement including Lean and Six Sigma

  • Change management 

  • Project management

  • Rational thinking processes

  • Facilitation skills for leaders


Why BJC Transformation Support:
Many organizations are interested in applying BJC’s Transformation Core Competencies but are unable to dedicate sufficient full-time resources to reach the breakthrough results. We can deploy experienced consultants on a short-term or long-term basis to jump-start performance improvement and supplement areas of the business where resources are constrained. Possessing deep skills in all transformation core competencies, our consultants collaborate with you to identify, execute and drive strategic projects.

Transformation Support is governed by the BJC Transformation Working Group which is comprised of group presidents, hospital presidents, vice president of quality, chief information officer, chief human resources officer, chief financial officer and performance improvement directors.

Contact Information:
You can reach us directly at our .

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