BJC and Saint Luke’s Officially Combine as BJC Health System

Transitional Care Program

It’s what every patient and family hopes for: to return to the life you were leading before you had to go to the hospital. Sometimes that return has to take place in stages – and that’s why the Transitional Care Program exists. When you no longer need acute care – but you’re not ready to return home and be without professional care, BJC HealthCare will ease your transition with short-term skilled nursing care.  


Helping Patients Resume Their Lives 

Located at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, the Transitional Care Program is staffed by professionals with advanced training. We care for more complex rehabilitation for patients who need, for example, additional physical therapy, wound care, IV antibiotics or any other medically skilled care. It’s an important step in the direction of resuming your life. 

The Transitional Care Program helps you recover and regain independence. By providing tailored, specialized care, the program helps you achieve your goals faster than a typical skilled nursing facility or nursing home. Transitional care lets you enjoy a low nurse-to-patient ratio and benefit from the special training these nurses and caregivers have received. As an added benefit, a family member may be able to stay overnight with you. Case managers work with you and your family to discuss progress and determine the best plan for eventual discharge.  

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