Children's Hospital Specialty Care Center South County Pharmacy

Our pharmacy is dedicated to ensuring that kids get the right medicines at the right time to make them well. Taking care of children is our only goal. 


Expert guidance to make sure you understand your medications.  

Conveniently located and here for you, we’re available to help you and your family with your medication needs. We can compound many specialty medications for our pediatric patients and help locate items that are not readily available in the region. Plus, in addition to filling prescriptions, BJC pharmacists are involved in meeting medication needs of surgery, radiology and infusion center patients through order entry, preparation, drug therapy recommendations and consultations. 

Children's Hospital Specialty Care Center South County Pharmacy Services  

Our pharmacy is committed to providing the same exceptional standard of care that has made BJC a nationally recognized health care network. 

  • 24-hr automated phone system for refill requests 

  • Online medication management: 

  • Tax and insurance reports 

  • Patient medication counseling 

  • Drug interaction screenings 

  • Compounding 

  • Specialty medications 

  • Building wide prescription delivery service