Video visit instructions for PC or Mac (Computer)

MyChart® is a registered trademark of Epic Systems Corporation


Review requirements for Teladoc Health video visit
  1. Computer with a camera

  2. MyChart account

  3. Internet browser: Chrome, Safari or Firefox (Edge & Internet Explorer not supported)

Watch the video

Complete eCheck-In

eCheck-In allows you to sign forms, pay any copays, confirm contact information and verify insurance details needed for your visit.

1. Log in to your MyChart® account.

Do this by visiting

2. Go to the Visits page.

3. Your appointment will be listed as Telemed to Home under Upcoming Visits.

4. Select the eCheck-In button to complete your pre-appointment documentation. 

It is recommended to complete eCheck-In as soon as possible and can be done up to 7 days before your appointment.

5. The content and number of questions vary by patient. 

Select Next to proceed to the next question and select Submit to complete eCheck-In.


Begin video visit
1. Select Begin Video Visit up to 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

2. Select Check-In.

3. Select Proceed to continue.

4. Your provider will admit you into the call when it is time to begin your visit.

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