BJC and Saint Luke’s Officially Combine as BJC Health System

The treatment of acute and chronic illnesses improves every year because of advancing science and medical research. Patients who benefit from treatments today owe a debt of gratitude to past research volunteers.

Every year, we run more than a thousand clinical trials -- also called “clinical studies” -- evaluate new investigational therapies or devices. For each clinical trial, investigators need volunteers to serve as research participants. Women and men of any age and from every ethnicity are needed, including those people with medical conditions and even those who are healthy.

Clinical trial volunteers may gain access to the latest in medical care that is only available through this process. They also receive priority care at one of the world's premier academic medical centers. You can make a difference to a future patient by volunteering for a clinical trial at one of the following BJC facilities:

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Volunteer for Health is a program sponsored by Washington University School of Medicine to support patient-oriented research at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and throughout Washington University Medical Center. The first step to becoming a study volunteer is to join the Research Participant Registry. All clinical research activities conform to guidelines and regulations of the government and Washington University for the ethical conduct of clinical trials. To speak with a Volunteer for Health representative, call (314) 362-1000 or toll-free (866) 362-5656.

Missouri Baptist Medical Center Through Heartland Cancer Research, Missouri Baptist Medical Center offers clinical trials for cancer patients at its main Cancer Center and outreach sites.

Siteman Cancer Center The Siteman Cancer Center offers a wide range of clinical trials for cancer patients. To search for active cancer clinical trials, visit the Siteman Cancer Center clinical trials directory

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