Wellness coaching is coordinated by health-care professionals trained in assisting individuals with behavior change. Weight loss, nutritious eating, stress management, exercising and smoking cessation are the most frequently requested behaviors requiring health coaching.


Health coaching services are held on-site or at a BJC HealthCare facility. A health coach completes a health-risk assessment including blood pressure, weight, body mass index, heart rate measures, blood glucose and cholesterol -- total cholesterol, HDL (high density lipoprotein) with ratio, LDL (low density lipoprotein) and triglycerides. The session includes interpretation and goal-setting. Additional sessions are scheduled as needed.

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Weight management sessions are conducted individually or in a group by our registered dietitians. You'll learn the keys to managing your weight by making good food choices, including activity into your life and managing emotional eating. Under our guidance you'll develop a personalized assessment. This helps us understand your needs and concerns as well as set goals for what you want to accomplish.

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Group prices are dependent on the class size and course content.


Tobacco cessation instructors are trained and certified through the American Lung Association. Group or individual sessions are available.

Group Session

This six-week program includes understanding addiction, behavior modification, weight control and stress reduction. A former smoker facilitates the sessions. Classes can be held on-site. Minimum eight, maximum 15 per group.

Individual Sessions

This seven-week program includes three, one-on-one meetings and at least five phone contacts. Topics include understanding addiction, behavior modification, weight control and stress reduction.

Please call 314.996.3740 for pricing.

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