Our Mission & Vision

As a support service for the largest health care organization in Missouri – and one of the largest in the nation – BJC Supply Chain strives to be an innovative and agile national leader driving a competitive advantage in a dynamic environment. 

Consistently highly ranked among the best supply chain systems in the country, BJC Supply Chain has received many recognitions including the 2018 Cost Management and Savings Leadership Award, a representation of our dedication to reduce the cost of healthcare and improve outcomes.

Our Services

BJC Supply Chain, also known as Supply Plus, offers a wide range of services divided among the following collaborative departments: 

  • Strategic Sourcing 

  • Contract Lifecycle Management 

  • Utilization Management 

  • Supply Chain Data Analytics 

  • Supply Chain Operations 

  • Procurement

Partnerships & Affiliations

BJC HealthCare is a member of Vizient, as well as a member of the BJC Amici group purchasing organization. BJC HealthCare is also affiliated with Washington University School of Medicine, one of the most clinically advanced institutions in the nation. 

Learn about BJC Supply Chain's resiliency efforts with the HIRC Supply Chain Consortium here.

BJC Health System-Saint Luke's Health System integration

Approval Process

Prior to becoming an approved BJC supplier, strategic sourcing must be engaged. If approved by strategic sourcing, suppliers or requestors of suppliers must complete and submit any documentation required by strategic sourcing or BJC Accounts Payable (“AP”), including: 

     ▪ W-9 form 

     ▪ Supplier add form 

     ▪ ACH/Banking information form 

     ▪ A sample invoice from the supplier 

Suppliers must submit any information changes to AP and strategic sourcing (i.e., name, address, acquisitions, etc.) to ensure payment of invoices by notifying BJC strategic sourcing, AP or purchasing.


Suppliers must provide documentation of training or competency, upon request, as it applies to specific equipment, medical devices, and supplies. 

Supplier’s product or service representatives must demonstrate sufficient product or service knowledge and expertise or BJC may request for the supplier representative to be replaced.  

Operation of any equipment or devices used on a patient is prohibited without explicit written authorization from authorized BJC personnel. 

Supplier involvement in clinical activities or medical decision making is not allowed. 

Supplier representatives may not open product packages. Products are to be given to the appropriate BJC staff member to open for use. 

Supplier representatives should only be present during a procedure for the amount of time needed to support the product. The time and location of procedures shall be determined in advance through Supplier coordination with the appropriate BJC personnel. 

Management or responsible clinician may limit the number of vendor representatives present during a procedure. 

Suppliers must comply with all site-specific scrub requirements when entering the site or sterile areas.  Where RepScrubs is utilized, all suppliers are required to don and wear the disposable scrub suits.  The RepScrubs scrubs are available for purchase, designed to be worn for no longer than 24 hours. Once the expire notification is presented, the apparel cannot be re-donned.


Promotion of unapproved products or services or those in conflict with established policies, standards, utilization protocols, or restrictions as determined by BJC is prohibited. 

Displays of products or services is prohibited at BJC except for educational displays preapproved in writing by strategic sourcing.



BJC HealthCare has selected Green Security Services for our system wide vendor credentialing system. BJC will discontinue use of RepTrax on December 1, 2022. 

Effective December 1, 2022, ALL vendors and contractors requiring access to BJC HealthCare facilities must be registered with and obtain a badge from Green Security

BJC is implementing this system change to meet increased requirements recently outlined by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and being enforced by Joint Commission.

Technology to Manage Suppliers

Supplier representatives must register online with Green Security at  greensecurityllc.com and maintain an updated profile. 

Supplier representatives must provide or acknowledge credentials and policy requirements as defined by BJC and reported by Green Security. 

These include but are not limited to immunization requirements, confidentiality agreements and BJC or site-specific policies.  For clarity, immunization requirements include being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by September 15, 2021. 

Supplier representatives must sign into Green Security upon entering a BJC facility and sign out of Green Security upon exiting a BJC facility. Green Security kiosks are located in designated areas (refer to Green Security kiosk locations in this policy or as updated by facilities). 

Supplier representatives must display a current Green Security badge during entire BJC visit. 

Each individual BJC facility is considered a separate visit and requires the following documentation in the “Meeting Note” area: 

   ▪ Name and department of individual to be visited 

   ▪ Specific product to be discussed or supported 

   ▪ Estimated time to be spent in the facility 

When visiting a physician, follow individual hospital credentialing requirements. 

Visiting hours are 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday. If visits are required during off-hours, approval is required from the BJC department supervisor on duty. Unauthorized visitors will be asked to leave the premises by staff or security. The incident will be documented in Green Security and will result in corrective action as outlined in the BJC Supplier Guide. 

Strategic sourcing utilizes Green Security to evaluate a supplier’s compliance and adherence to BJC policies which may impact the business engagement between the supplier and BJC. 

Request for Green Security

Supplier Guide Policy 

In addition to the Vendor Code of Conduct, BJC HealthCare has developed a Supplier Guide Policy to establish BJC HealthCare’s minimum guidelines, policies, requirements and expectations for suppliers, their employees, representatives or agents to comply with while engaging in business with, contacting or visiting BJC HealthCare employees, representatives or facilities. 

In addition to these policies, suppliers must comply with Washington University and any other BJC HealthCare partner or affiliates’ policies related to interactions with suppliers as well as any laws, regulations or location specific policies which may be more restrictive than those in this Supplier Guide Policy. 

Failure to meet these policies may result in loss of payment for supplier’s products or services as well as corrective action ranging from a warning to discontinuation of business engagements with the supplier.

Supplier Guide Policy

Product Approval Process 

BJC HealthCare’s product acquisition process is driven by its dedication to clinical excellence. Utilization Management is engaged to drive discussion, decision-making, and relationship-building between clinical staff and vendors. BJC Supply Chain, the Center for Clinical Excellence, and Hospital Leaders launched the new product review process to ensure superior patient outcomes and better value. All products introduced to BJC HealthCare and approved by the New Product Review Board will be vetted against the following criteria: 

   ▪ Improve clinical outcomes (key consideration) 

   ▪ Create a compelling business case 

   ▪ Lower cost or cost neutral to current product 

   ▪ Address a regulatory mandate 

   ▪ Replace a product due to patient/staff safety concerns 

BJC HealthCare’s new product review process lasts for an average duration of 45 days, although this may range from several weeks to multiple months following the introduction of a new product due to our stringent dedication to clinical excellence, vendor compliance, and other factors. The following steps highlight the New Product Review Process all new clinical products must follow: 

  1. Initiation: HSO completes a New Item or Item Add request form 

  2. Due Diligence: Request justification, literature reviews, existing contract conflict review 

  3. Decision: NPRB will approve or deny the pilot or formulary add request, or hold for more information 

  4. Sourcing/Item Master Management: Negotiation of contracts, communication to requestor, implement in downstream systems 

Note: The newly introduced product cannot be ordered by clinical staff until all steps in the New Product Approval process have been completed. 

BJC’s Standard Terms and Conditions 

BJC HealthCare and BJC HSO Purchase Orders are governed by the following contracts, in order of precedence from highest to lowest: 

  1. A contract, and any amendments, schedules, statements of work, exhibits, or other agreements related thereto, duly executed between both parties related to the items covered in the P.O.; and/or 

  2. A GPO contract in which BJC or HSO participates related to the items covered by the P.O.; and/or 

  3. BJC Standard Terms & Conditions

BJC Amici 

BJC HealthCare’s group purchasing organization (GPO), BJC Amici, is a collaborative dedicated to providing quality and affordable healthcare delivery through strategic supply chain partnerships.

Our Dedication to Diversity 

BJC HealthCare is dedicated to having a positive impact in the communities in which it serves. As one of the social determinants of health, economic investment and improvement furthers our mission of improving the health of those we serve. BJC HealthCare will work to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its endeavors, including in its world-class supply chain. 

BJC HealthCare’s Supplier Diversity Initiative began in 2020 and continues to evolve, while continuing to improve its ability to provide opportunities for diverse businesses and enterprises. 

Register as a Diverse Supplier 

Registering your business or enterprise as a diverse business will help BJC HealthCare and a number of partner institutions identify potential vendors for future business opportunities. Businesses which are at least 51% owned, controlled, or operated by a United States Citizen who identifies as one of the following are eligible to register as a diverse supplier: 

   ▪ African-American 

   ▪ Asian-Indian 

   ▪ Asian-Pacific 

   ▪ Hispanic 

   ▪ Native-American 

   ▪ Disabled-owned businesses 

   ▪ Veteran-owned businesses 

   ▪ Woman-owned businesses 

   ▪ LGBTQ+ 

To become certified as a diverse supplier, locate one of the certifying agencies below and begin the certification process to expand your company’s business opportunities: 


   ▪ Missouri Office of Equal Opportunity

   ▪ St. Louis Minority Business Council

   ▪ Lambert – St. Louis Airport Business Diversity Contract Compliance System

   ▪ St. Louis LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce


   ▪ Illinois Business Enterprise Program Registration

Supplier Guide Policy

Vendor Code of Conduct 

BJC HealthCare (BJC) is dedicated to maintaining excellence and integrity in all aspects of its professional and business conduct and operating in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. BJC Corporate Compliance programs support this commitment to ethical conduct by setting forth guidelines designed to prevent and detect violations of law. We expect all vendors, contractors, and agents to honor this commitment and abide by the provisions of this Vendor Code of Conduct as a condition of doing business with BJC. 

Privacy, Confidentiality, & Information Security 

Wireless technologies, including cell phones, computers, PDAs, tablets, pagers and other devices that may emit electromagnetic interference are prohibited in patient care areas. Supplier representatives are strictly prohibited from taking photographs of patients or confidential information. Computer use is restricted to official business and must be related to the reason for the visit in permitted areas. 

All suppliers with access to BJC files, whether physical or electronic, must first obtain the appropriate approvals by strategic sourcing and, if applicable, by BJC Information Technology. 

Suppliers with access or exposure to any proprietary or confidential BJC information including patient information, product information, pricing, costs, and business plans must execute an appropriate confidentiality agreement and BAA, if applicable. Any violation of privacy or confidentiality by suppliers will be considered a material breach of conduct and contract. 

Confidential or patient information must not be discussed at any time within or outside BJC facilities. 

Official business matters including pricing and contracts are considered confidential information. 

Suppliers are required to conduct their business activities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including laws that are applicable to individuals and entities receiving Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal funds. 

To ensure compliance, coordination of pricing, distribution and consistency with best practice exchange team decisions, suppliers are prohibited from negotiating pricing or terms and conditions for any supplies, services, or equipment with departments other than strategic sourcing. Only those quotations or bids sent or copied to strategic sourcing will be assured of consideration.

Exclusion from Participation in Federal HealthCare Programs

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) was established in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to identify and eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse in the Department's programs. The OIG has been given the authority to exclude from participation in Medicare, Medicaid and other Federal health care programs individuals and entities who have engaged in fraud or abuse, and to impose civil money penalties (CMPs) for certain misconduct related to Federal health care programs. 

If a health care provider arranges or contracts (by employment or otherwise) with an individual or entity who is excluded by the OIG from program participation for the provision of items or services reimbursable under such a federal program, the provider may be subject to CMP liability if they render services reimbursed, directly or indirectly, by such a program. 

To conduct business with BJC HealthCare, a vendor must agree that: it has not been convicted of a criminal offense related to health care, it is not currently listed by a federal or state agency as excluded or otherwise ineligible for employment by an entity that receives federal health care funding, it is not currently listed on the General Service Administration (GSA) List of Parties Excluded from the Federal Procurement and Non-Procurement Programs or the Office of Inspector General (OIG) List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE), and in the event vendor becomes excluded by the GSA or OIG from participating with a federal healthcare program or providing services to an entity that receives federal health care funds, it shall notify BJC as soon as possible thereafter. 

Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 ("DRA") Requirements

The DRA requires us to provide information to our contractors and agents regarding the Federal False Claims Act, administrative remedies for false claims and statements, applicable state false claims provisions, and whistleblower protections under these laws. 

Vendor agrees that: 

   ▪ It will review the Informational Policy Concerning False Claims Laws ("Policy") that addresses our role in preventing and detecting health care fraud, waste and abuse. The Policy is available online or contact us to email a copy. (The Policy is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have this software, go to Adobe for a free download.) 

   ▪ It will provide this information to all of its employees and agents who have contact with our facilities related to the delivery or monitoring of Medicare and Medicaid health care items and services, billing or coding functions. 

   ▪ It is the responsibility of all individuals who work with or provide services to or on behalf of BJC to comply with all federal and state laws and applicable BJC policies and procedures. 

Vendor further understands that participation in conduct or practices that violate the terms or spirit of this Code of Conduct may result in termination of its business relationships with BJC. 

Informational Policy Concerning False Claims Laws

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