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Healthcare Innovation Lab

In order to harness recent trends in health care, health systems have begun establishing innovation labs to identify and implement advances in data, analytics and technology to improve the delivery of care. The Healthcare Innovation Lab was established as a cross-disciplinary organization between BJC HealthCare and Washington University School of Medicine to provide leadership in health system innovation.

The Lab will identify and develop applied innovations that are potentially scalable regionally and nationally that directly impact health care delivery and strengthen population health approaches within St. Louis. Finally, given the academic association of the Washington University School of Medicine with BJC HealthCare, the Lab will also employ methods of health services research and implementation science to rigorously validate its approach, support academic investigation and provide generalizable knowledge in health care innovation.

Our Strategic Foci:

  • Utilize personalized health data – from genomics to social determinants – to optimally inform care.
  • Move care delivery closer to where patients live, work, and play.
  • Harness community data for community health.
  • Engage patients in shared decision-making and longitudinal health behaviors.

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