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The BJC Collaborative

In October 2012, four leading, independent not-for-profit health care organizations joined together to create the BJC Collaborative, LLC (the “BJC Collaborative”) to prepare for the future of health care and achieve even higher quality care for the people they serve.

The four founding members of the BJC Collaborative are BJC HealthCare of St. Louis, Mo., CoxHealth of Springfield, Mo., Memorial Health System of Springfield, Ill., and Saint Luke’s Health System of Kansas City, Mo. Since the BJC Collaborative was created, four additional systems have joined including, Blessing Health System of Quincy, Ill., Southern Illinois Healthcare of Carbondale, Ill., Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System of Mattoon, Ill., and Decatur Memorial Hospital of Decatur, Ill.

Though they remain independent, the health systems in the BJC Collaborative have combined annual revenues of approximately $10.2 billion, allowing them to jointly pursue initiatives that benefit from the aggregated size and scale of this affiliation. The BJC Collaborative is currently pursuing joint work efforts in the following areas:

  • Population Health: Cancer Task Force – Administrative and clinical leaders in the BJC Collaborative are working together to build relationships and enhance coordination in the areas of community health, expedited referrals, shared best practices and educational programs, virtual oncology conferences, and clinical trials. Ultimately, the Task Force aims to reduce the incidence of cancer, improve clinical outcomes, increase the use of clinical and genomic information in cancer research, and increase participation in clinical trials.
  • Population Health: Collaborative Care Management Resources (CCMR) – Recognizing the momentous shift toward “value-based” reimbursement that is occurring throughout the health care sector, five of the health systems affiliated with the BJC Collaborative are pursuing a large-scale joint endeavor called CCMR. CCMR is a technology based infrastructure that will provide data aggregation and analytics to enable enhanced patient care coordination through clinical program design, training, and patient engagement. These five health care providers believe the resulting care coordination protocols developed through CCMR will improve patient health and outcomes while also reducing the total cost of care.
  • Achieving Financial Savings: Operations Committees and Mid-America Service Solutions – Through 2016, the BJC Collaborative has achieved $214 million in savings in the areas of clinical asset management, information technology, and supply chain through work efforts within the BJC Collaborative and through Mid-America Service Solutions, a VizientTM member business venture that helps health systems to streamline supply chain management.
  • Sharing Best Practices: Leadership Round Tables – Leaders from each health system are sharing best practices and developing solutions to shared challenges in Clinical and Service Quality, Emergency Preparedness, Government Relations, Health Sciences Academic, Human Resources, Legal Services, and Public Relations/Communications

Ultimately, the long-term vision of the BJC Collaborative is to:

  • Enhance the delivery of clinical programs and services for our patients and communities
  • Improve the quality and experience of care provided to patients
  • Provide meaningful population health benefits
  • Reduce the total cost of health care services

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