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BJH New Tower Construction

The Campus Renewal Project team is busy building a new inpatient tower and documenting their work with videos. Visit the video library regularly for updates from the people building Campus Renewal.

Diversity Spotlight

BJC HealthCare’s next phase of Campus Renewal is an opportunity to build on the success of our diversity and inclusion work in the design and construction community launched in 2013 during the first phase of the project. We will spotlight minority and women owned businesses and individuals working on BJC's projects here. Read about general contractor, Sledroc. 


Transforming Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s Plaza Entry

Transforming Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s Plaza Entry

May 2022 - A perhaps little-known, but big impact component of BJC’s Campus Renewal Project is what the project team has titled the Plaza Entry Project.

The 3+ year project will include a complete transformation along Barnes Jewish Plaza, including a new lobby in the garage and pedestrian bridge, new and expanded drop off, and renovated and expanded street and main level lobbies. Exterior work starts in June, followed by interior work next year.

Second tower crane to arrive April 8-10

Second tower crane to arrive April 8-10

April 7, 2022 - On Friday, April 8, work will begin to assemble a second tower crane on the Campus Renewal Project site at Kingshighway and Barnes Jewish Plaza. Detours will start at 5 p.m. Friday and continue through the weekend.

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