About the New Health Marketplace

Open Enrollment in the Marketplace has ended for 2014. However, you may be eligible for a limited Special Enrollment Period if you've experienced one of the following life-changing events:

  • Change in employment
  • Change in marital status
  • The birth of a child
  • Recently released from prison
  • Recently immigrated legally

Please contact a BJC Marketplace counselor at 314.747.4994 or toll-free 855.747.4994 for help determining whether you qualify. The Open Enrollment period for 2015 begins November 15, 2014 -- everyone will eligible to enroll at that time.

You have more health insurance options than ever before

Did you know that beginning in January 2014, there are new rules for health insurance? Here are some facts:

  • Most Americans are required to have health insurance. People who don’t have health insurance will need to buy insurance or pay a penalty. Penalty Calculator
  • If you can’t get affordable health insurance through your job, you can buy quality health coverage for yourself and your family through the new Health Insurance Marketplace.
  • New health insurance plans must cover basic health needs like doctor’s visits, prescription medications and hospital stays. 
  • You may qualify for financial help to lower your health insurance costs. Even a family of four making up to $94,200 a year can get help. Check this table to see if you may qualify for savings.
  • BJC hospitals and health service organizations are part of the new Marketplace. In Missouri, BJC is in the Coventry PPO (not Carelink). In Illinois, BJC is in numerous plans in addition to the Coventry PPO.

This video from the Kaiser Family Foundation can help you learn more about why and how health insurance is changing in the United States.

How to apply

There are simple steps to sign up for health insurance through the Marketplace. Use this checklist to get ready. Then:

  1. Visit www.HealthCare.gov
  2. Create an account – Give your name, address and other basic information to get started
  3. Fill out the application – Provide more information about yourself and your family, such as household size, income and other information to see your plan options
  4. Compare – You can look at health insurance plans side-by-side and see if you qualify for lower premiums
  5. Get covered – Choose the plan that best meets your and your family’s needs

Want more help?

BJC hospitals have certified assistants on site to help you apply. Call 314.747.4994 or toll-free 855.747.4994 or email us to schedule an appointment.

More resources

There are plenty of resources available if you would like to learn even more about the Health Insurance Marketplace:

There are also a number of short videos on the Healthcare.gov YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/HealthCareGov including:


  • How premium subsidies work
  • How cost-sharing subsidies work
  • How to choose a plan in the Marketplace