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Youth weigh in on vaccinations

ST. LOUIS AMERICAN - “In this pandemic, you will fall into one of three categories eventually: You have either already been vaccinated, you have COVID-19 or you’re going to get COVID-19,” Dr. Rachel Orscheln, a pediatric infectious disease physician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, tells the St. Louis American.

St. Louis-area parents line up early, eager to get young teens vaccinated

ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH - The St. Louis Post-Dispatch shares how to make an appointment for a child 12 years or older and what the benefits are to being vaccinated.

St. Louis clinics report participation boost as Pfizer eligibility opens to younger teens

KSDK - Dr. Hunstad, a pediatric infectious disease physician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, shares insights and encouragement on why now a great time for kids and adults, 12 and older, to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lisa Marie Bradley learns reality of stress, COVID and strokes

STL AMERICAN - Lisa Marie Bradley shares her experience having a stroke in her 50’s with the St. Louis American and Dr. Jin Moo-Lee, a neurologist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, shares how stroke is commonly connected with COVID-19.

How to keep your COVID vaccine card safe

Scripps National News - Is it safe to laminate your COVID-19 vaccine card? Should you carry it around with you? Should you have it added to your medical records? All these questions are answered by the BJC HealthCare operations team.

Trust in the JJJ Vaccine

Health Matters - Dr. Hilary Babcock shares why physicians trust the Johnson & Johnson and Jansen vaccine.

Delayed healthcare during pandemic resulting in progressive diseases, permanent damage

KMOV4 - Waiting to go to the hospital due to fear of contracting COVID-19 could have serious health implications. The head of the Barnes-Jewish Hospital emergency department shares more with KMOV.

6 Things You Should Know About Exercise and the COVID-19 Vaccines

SELF - Dr. Hilary Babcock, an infectious disease specialist with BJC HealthCare and Washington University School of Medicine, shares with SELF Magazine if there is a relationship between exercise and the COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness.

Metro East sees lowest positivity rate since April 2020

KMOV - KMOV shares how the Metro East has the lowest COVID-19 positivity rate it has seen in more than a year.


Local doctors push COVID-19 vaccinations amidst rising hospitalization numbers

KMOV - Dr. Hilary Babcock shares insights on how the COVID-19 vaccine helps prevent hospitalizations with KMOV.