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Speaker Bios

Jessica Grossmeier, PhD

Dr. Jessica Grossmeier is a worksite wellness thought leader with more than 25 years of experience advancing individual and population health. Serving the past 18 years as an outcomes researcher, Jessica has executed research studies demonstrating health and financial outcomes for wellness programs sponsored by numerous large, national employers. More recently, her research has focused on identifying best practice approaches to workplace wellness initiatives that are associated with superior health and business outcomes. Jessica currently serves as Vice President of Research at the Health Enhancement Research Organization and is co-editor of The Art of Health Promotion section of the American Journal of Health Promotion. She also serves on several industry advisory boards.




Brian Passon, MS

Brian Passon takes every opportunity to go against the status quo, he just may make someone a bit uncomfortable in the process and overall doesn't take himself very seriously. Brian also believes that behind every traditional headshot there are a plethora of other pictures that show the "real" person. Brian has spent the last several years advocating for authenticity and helping people and organizations see what really is possible. Brian speaks and consults with individuals and organizations to inspire more meaningful, strategic and joyful experiences for employees, clients and customers alike. He believes that to change the culture of a workplace we must be focused on long-term objectives that are supported with the right infusion of strategy, science, creativity, and “Edutainment.” As a true creative and extroverted entrepreneur, Brian has started up or partnered on a variety of businesses, all of which at the heart, truly center on creating community and experiences and teaching others in novel and memorable ways. Currently, he is partners with Geno Church at The Shared Ship where they focus on building internal community inside an organization and then creating external communities of advocates who love and support that organization/brand.
When he is not trying to improve culture, community and experience, you can find him teaching his children about the finer points of woodworking, fixing up an old Victorian house, dreaming up new West Coast dance moves while making a carrot cake from scratch at the same time. Originally from Oregon, Brian calls Windsor, Connecticut home, with his wife and three daughters.


Elena Valentine, LD

Elena is an expert in leveraging video stories in the workplace. With the motto “you cannot be what you cannot see” Elena started filming jobs as a way to get young people excited about the world of work. Since then, her team at Skill Scout has since built a world class media company. Their films have helped clients like Nike and American Airlines engage candidates and employees alike.

She was recently named “HR Superhero of the Year” by DisruptHR Chicago. She is also the co-founder of Mezcla Media Collective. A non-profit that elevates women filmmakers of color. Next up for Elena and her team is the Humans@Work documentary series that shares stories of people who find passion and meaning in their work

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