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Session Descriptions

Jessica Grossmeier, PhDVice President of Research, Health Enhancement Research Organization and co-editor of The Art of Health Promotion section of the American Journal of Health Promotion

Topic: Title: Making a Case for Wellness that Engages Stakeholders at all Levels

Topic Summary: Organizational and leadership support is essential for sustainable, effective wellness programs but it can be challenging to translate the evidence on wellness outcomes into a value story that is meaningful to a wide range of stakeholders. Workplace wellness – done well – is good for people, good for the organization and essential for building a winning team. This presentation will summarize the robust evidence base supporting the value proposition for wellness and provide a framework for translating the evidence into a story that will engage stakeholders at all levels in an organization.

Learning Objecives:

  • Identify three levels of stakeholders that must be engaged to support successful wellness efforts
  • Identify five ways wellness may benefit individuals in the short-term
  • Identify five ways wellness may benefit teams in the workplace
  • Identify five ways wellness may benefit organizations


Brian Passon, MS, Partners with Geno Church at The Shared Ship

Topic: Developing Wellbeing Stories that Influence & Persuade Stakeholders​

Topic Summary: A breakdown of the science behind the ability of stories to impact and influence people and how to utilize it in your workplace. We will explore how to take data and turn it into story form and help attendees craft their own story that they will use to influence people once they return to their workplaces. This session will breakdown the components of a great story and how to turn ordinary business data into stories that compel others towards action.


Learning Objecives:

  • Identify the components of a compelling story
  • Walk through the story development process
  • Create a compelling business case message for an organization
  • Learn how stories impact our brain, health, feelings, reason, memory and empathy


Elena Valentine, LD, Co-founder of Mezcla Media Collective

Topic: Creating a Storytelling Culture

Topic Summary: You’re all in for storytelling. And, you’re not so shabby of a storyteller yourself. But now, you’re tasked with how to get 10s, 100s, even 1000s of other people to hop on this storytelling bandwagon. In this presentation, we’ll walk through how to catalyze your organization to not only see how storytelling can solve real business problems, but also how to set up thoughtful programs and structures so that storytelling becomes a key driver for your how colleagues communicate, connect, and grow your organization.


Learning Objectives:

  • Discover some techniques to create a storytelling culture in your organization
  • Learn some storytelling communication techniques
  • Identify the storytelling opportunities within your organization
  • Develop methods to create an environment where people share their stories openly
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