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2022 Employer Well-Being Summit

Session Descriptions

Work Like a Boss

Nancy Lyons, CEO, Clockwork

Author & Speaker

Workplaces want motivated employees who take initiative. People want to care about work and contribute to a bigger purpose. Rolling out engagement programs or adding new professional development tracks won’t help. The answer is developing work cultures and personal mindsets that embrace change, accountability, resilience, risk, and joy. 

In this talk, I inspire people and teams to change their perspectives on work. With humor, humility, and a lot of energy, I reframe hierarchy and power, and focus our attention on the mindsets needed for future-forward workplaces.

You're Already There


Wellness and Motivational Speaker, MJShaar.com

The unprecedented changes in the workplace in the last two years have shown us that it's possible to feel lost...even while working in a job we know well. The pandemic forced us to navigate new systems and work cultures, all while balancing the mental and physical health of our kids, family, and colleagues. It's been tough, and, ironically, disorienting. Finding new pragmatic approaches to an evolving workplace is essential for restoring us to our personal optimal zone, perhaps for the first time. You're Already There empowers you to reimagine your work in ways that develop quality connections and core competencies, challenges you to discover meaning in hidden places, and then shows you how to scale these positive psychology innovations at the organizational level.

It Makes Me Happy! Discover Joy in Everyday Living

Jesse Stukenberg, RN, BSN

Lead Facilitator, It Makes Me Happy!

Karla Brooks

Founding Creator, It Makes Me Happy!

As a human resources or health benefits professional, health care leader, team champion or frontline worker, you take personal responsibility for your employees’ and patients’ health and well-being. You’re also seeking to keep your people and co-workers productive, motivated, engaged and connected. While wanting to create the kind of culture where all these areas are optimized, none of us can be all things to all people, all the time. In today’s environment, with burnout being one of the biggest dangers to happiness, health and productivity, “It Makes Me Happy!” delivers a life-changing experience offering a fresh perspective and new take on mindfulness, gratitude and resilience leading to engagement at work and in life. Join us for this workshop where we’ll share some stories, offer a few compelling visuals and interactive “play” to help you smile to say, “It makes me happy,” and soon you will be.

Learn through Laughter!

Vickie Calmese, RN


This Healthlarious presentation will provide the basic introductory course to obtain your "Degree in YOU-ology" . Self Care is NOT Selfish. Laugh a lot. Live better.

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