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7th Annual Employer Well-Being Summit

Session Descriptions

I’m Still Standing: Rising Up with Resilience in the Midst of Adversity

Rachel Druckenmiller, MS

CEO, Speaker & Facilitator at UNMUTED

When we feel like we’ve been knocked down — emotionally, mentally, relationally or physically — how do we rise back up? How can we grow through it to become more resilient in the future? One thing that is certain is that uncertainty and change will continue to show up in our lives. It’s up to us to choose how we respond.

In this session, we’ll discover how to strengthen our resilience muscle to carry us and our people through tough times.

A Vision for Equity Well-being

Steven Player, PharmD, MBA, CDM

BJC Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Brian Passon, MS

Project 519 Facilitator
Steven Player
Brian Passon

Equity can seem like a huge hurdle for a wellness program, but this session will outline steps we can practically take to make well-being equity a common practice. We will outline the importance of connecting well-being equity and the organization’s mission and provide practical examples of how well-being initiatives have evolved to be more equitable.

Health Equity and Employee Wellness: Where Everyone Has a Seat at the Table

Joy Ahern

Heath Promotions Supervisor, Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Council

Crystal Felten

Fitness & Health Specialist, Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Council

Sarah Berres

Equity & Inclusion Specialist, Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Council
Crystal Felton
Joy Ahern
Sarah Berres

Hear from three practitioners on what it takes to bring whole-person wellness and equity to life for diverse employees in a public organization in Minneaplis/St. Paul, MN. Hear first-hand about the lofty ambitions of this trio while bumping up against the harsh reality of making big changes. Don’t say it can’t be done! After many years of trial and error, this trio has found their rhythm of baking health equity into the business for better or for worse!

Breakout Sessions

Creating a Culture of Resiliency

Nick Carson

BJC Senior Consultant for Learning and Development

Fostering a resilient workforce is a critical component to combating workplace burnout. The BJC Resiliency program began in 2015 with a vision to build a culture of resiliency across BJC through the core components of meaning, self-care, relationships, self-awareness and optimism. This session will differentiate individual, team and organizational resiliency and highlight learned best practices.



Building Resiliency through EAP

Cynthia Hovis

BJC Clinical Supervisor

We all need support and a safe place to process our stress and learn coping strategies. The short-term format of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is helpful for all employees to find health and balance. This session is meant as an encouragement for organizations to engage with their EAP to promote Mental Health and Well-being in the workplace, as well as consider adding an EAP to their benefits if they do not already have one.


Creating Connections: How Employee Resource Groups Can Keep Team Members Engaged

Amanda Mohl

BJC Workforce Diversity Coordinator

This breakout session will focus on how BJC HealthCare’s Employee Resource Groups, Connection Groups, have worked to keep employees engaged during the difficulties of the past year. From listening sessions to creative group activities, you’ll hear examples of how our group leaders have provided space for people to discuss difficult topics, practice coping strategies, celebrate the wins, and increase their sense of belonging even if working remotely.

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