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At Missouri Baptist Medical Center (MoBap), we know your heart can’t wait. That’s why our cardiac cath lab is available 24/7. You’ll find expertise you can trust to assess your heart health and recommend appropriate care.

The Heart Center at Missouri Baptist Medical Center has a team of the top cardiologists in St. Louis and offers a comprehensive cardiac program, treating a range of heart conditions. Our heart team will carefully assess your health and risks before recommending a procedure tailored to your individual needs. You’ll have access to every heart specialist you need to receive the appropriate treatment and care.

Our heart team answers all of your questions, translates medical terminology into language you can understand and supports you in choosing the most appropriate care for you.

Questions & Answers

Cardiac catheterization is a nonsurgical procedure. It enables our cardiologists (doctors specializing in the heart) to view inside your heart to diagnose and treat heart problems. The procedure, which isn’t uncomfortable, provides important information.

For most people, a heart cath procedure is very safe. That’s one reason why we often use it in emergencies to rapidly determine what procedure will be right for you. Your heart team will carefully monitor and assess your health and recommend any special care you need before, during or after catheterization.

Our doctors often use cardiac catheterization to understand more about problems with your heart or circulatory system. We may use diagnostic heart catheterization to:

  • Check your coronary artery health or locate blockages
  • Diagnose heart attack, heart disease, valve problems or coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • Attaches one end of the healthy blood vessel graft to your aorta (the heart’s largest artery)
  • Find the cause of angina (chest pain), fatigue or other symptoms
  • Learn more about test results, such as an echocardiogram (echo) or cardiac CT imaging of your heart
  • Measure your heart’s blood flow and blood pressure

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