New Technology

The Barnes-Jewish Hospital Parkview Tower and St. Louis Children’s Hospital expansion feature new technology.

Real Time Location System (RTLS)

Download this - RTLS System Overview and FAQ

Staff Presence and Nurse Call Integration

  • Staff badge tags will identify to patients who is entering the room
  • Allow staff to cancel/monitor hallway indicator lights when needed
  • Staff badge tags will include an easy-to-press button to alert the unit and/or security, enhancing staff security

Wireless Infant Protection System

  • Installed in BJH Parkview Tower on levels 5 and 6 (women & infants floors)
  • Comprehensive infant security system that includes tamper alarms, exit alarms, and out-of-unit alerts that allow staff to act quickly
  • Ability to locate an infant anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage
  • Monitored by both women & infants staff and public safety

Environmental (temperature) Monitoring 

  • Used for BJH Parkview Tower and SLCH patient floors and pharmacy
  • Temperature sensor tags will be used in refrigerators and freezers that store vaccines, pharmaceuticals, blood, food, and other items
  • Automatic warning alerts will help ensure environmental conditions or battery levels remain safe

Patient Engagement System or Interactive Patient System (IPS)

Educating, entertaining and engaging

  • High definition televisions (HDTV) will be found throughout the Parkview Tower
  • 48” TVs will be installed in new patient rooms
  • In existing SLCH rooms, 32” TVs and 22” touch screens (on arms) will be installed
  • All patients will have access to movies on demand and digital education
  • Public spaces will include HDTVs with movies on demand