Housekeeping/Environmental Services (EVS)

BJH Parkview Tower/SLCH Expansion

Both SLCH and BJH will have new locations for housekeeping/environmental services (EVS), as outlined below. Each patient division will have a housekeeping and EVS closet for supplies and equipment to help keep corridors free of clutter.


Scheduled move date: SLCH Housekeeping will load/stock housekeeping closets with supplies for the Expansion Tower: TBD, 2017


SLCH Housekeeping equipment and storage areas will move from the PL level of SLCH to the lower level of existing SLCH. This move will occur by TBD 2017.

BJH Environment Services (EVS)/Housekeeping

BJH EVS will begin some final clean-up of support spaces in July and begin to load/stock the Parkview Tower EVS closets in TBD 2017.

BJH EVS will share an administrative office space with other support departments, such as SupplyPlus and BJC Linen, which will be located in a newly renovated space in the lower level of Shoenberg.

BJH EVS will store its bulk equipment on the lower level of Shoenberg, with a satellite space on the 4th floor of the BJH Parkview Tower.

Each BJH patient division will have four clean linen storage alcoves with blanket warmers.