AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles)

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) will transport most supplies, linens and more originating from the North Dock, which has been expanded to accommodate deliveries for SLCH, Center for Advanced Medicine, Shoenberg Pavilion and Parkview Tower. The AGVs are a self-guided transport system for materials handling that will transport carts of supplies, materials, linen and waste. 

  • The AGV transport system will be invisible to patients and families. AGVs will not travel onto patient or public corridors.
  • Using AGVs will help to ensure consistent delivery through a dedicated path within the hospital’s service corridors.
  • The system will help to reduce workplace injuries to staff and damage to facilities.
  • AGVs will travel via service corridors and arrive at designated back of house elevator lobbies.
  • AGV dispatch depots will be located at the service level for these existing bldgs.:
    • SLCH
    • Shoenberg
    • Center for Advanced Medicine