Newborn ICU

Scheduled opening date (in the expansion): Saturday, Feb. 10

Fifth floor: The Newborn ICU, which currently has 85 beds, will move forward in three phases:

  • Phase 1 Expansion – 40 additional beds (34 private and 3 twin rooms) in the SLCH tower expansion.
  • Phase 2 Renovation – At the end of Phase 1, physician offices on the south end of the fifth floor will be moved to the sixth floor of the SLCH expansion. An additional 42 Newborn ICU beds will open in this space, timing to be determined.
  • Phase 3 Renovation – Another renovation of existing space will create new support space and update existing bays to provide 28 beds, timing to be determined.

The final bed count at the end of Phase 3 will be 150.

As part of the Women and Infants move into Parkview Tower, the Special Care Nursery (SCN) beds will be absorbed into the Newborn ICU. A Newborn Assessment Center in Parkview Tower will host babies needing a little extra time, up to six hours, to properly transition.

Babies that transition properly will move in with mom in the Mother/Baby unit. Those babies needing continued or additional care will move to the Newborn ICU.