Scheduled opening date (for SLCH): To be determined

  • The new morgue is located on the lower level of the Shoenberg Building within the Center for Advanced Medicine, just north of SLCH. It can be accessed by taking the Shoenberg staff elevators to the lower level and turning left. 
  • If you cannot find the Shoenberg staff elevators, check with the Center for Advanced Medicine information desk on either the first or second floor.
  • The morgue is currently being used by Barnes-Jewish Hospital only. When the Parkview Tower opens, SLCH will begin using the morgue.
  • The morgue is currently not staffed.
  • Morgue security is controlled by employee ID access readers. If an employee needs access to the morgue, they must call 314-362-0750, and an officer will be assist them.
  • A viewing room is now available for grieving families. If a viewing of a deceased patient needs to be arranged, staff should coordinate this process through the nursing office and Public Safety, 314-362-0750.