Move Resource Center

BJH Parkview Tower/SLCH Expansion Move Resource Center (MRC)

A Move Resource Center (MRC) will assist with move management into the new BJH Parkview Tower and SLCH expansion projects. For BJH moves, the MRC will be housed in one of the new conference rooms on the main level of the Parkview Tower; for SLCH moves, the MRC will be in the SLCH board room. 

We have identified three levels of MRC, depending on the departments moving and level of assistance needed

  1. Full Move Resource Center – for patient moves and other large department moves.  The center will open two hours prior to move and remain open up to 72 hours.
  2. Partial Move Resource Center – for non-patient department moves. The center will open some time prior to the scheduled move time and remain open for a period of time after the move is complete.
  3. Virtual Move Resource Center – available for new departments that aren’t moving but are opening for business.  This will allow team members to have access for move-related support by either calling or sending an online service ticket.

Details of the scope and operations of the MRC are still being planned. Contact information and other instructions will be available in the near future.