Women and Infants

Scheduled move date: Saturday, Feb. 10 

The fifth and sixth floors of Parkview Tower are dedicated to the consolidated and modernized Women & Infants program. Private rooms, rooftop gardens and close access to the SLCH newborn intensive care unit (NICU) will enhance the patient experience.

Fifth Floor

The current pregnancy assessment center (PAC) on 5300 BJH south will become the women’s assessment center (WAC). The number of treatment rooms will double to 12 in anticipation adding gynecology services in the future. Also on the fifth floor are:

  • Eighteen private ante partum rooms
  • Eighteen private labor and delivery rooms
  • Three labor and delivery ORs, two C-section ORs and one fetal surgery OR
  • A labor walk located where laboring women can enjoy natural light
  • A family bereavement room
  • A garden in the center of the floor will be viewable by several patient rooms and hallway windows.

Sixth Floor

The BJH south 9400 post-partum unit will relocate to the sixth floor of Parkview Tower and become known as the Mother Baby unit to better support the BJH Baby Friendly hospital efforts. The 34 private rooms are designed with the comfort, safety and privacy of patients.

A newly created newborn assessment center (NAC) has 12 bassinets, primarily for babies who require extra care before transitioning to the mother’s room or for mothers who need rest before receiving the baby. Most babies will remain in the NAC for up to six hours.

The existing BJH south special care nursery beds, which provide advanced care for some babies, will be absorbed into the NICU.

Post-partum patients and families will have limited access to an outdoor garden, while patients and visitors on upper floors will be able to enjoy viewing this green space from many patient windows.


Detailed Floor Plans