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Mitch L. Martens, Employee Wellness Administrator, Cedars-Sinai Health System
Topic: Wellness Layering: The Great-8 life skills they don’t teach in school, but should

Topic Summary: Welcome to a new era of employee wellness that addresses all parts, including the strengths and weaknesses, the difficult and good parts of life, and not just fixing problems, but fortifying employee potential. Employees are multilayered and if we want engagement we must go beyond their job title, beyond their biometrics and beyond their stressors. It’s time to open the door and invite the whole employee into the worksite.




Brian Passon, MS, President, Arch Health & Productivity
Topic: What’s on Your Plate: A strategy to consider how to ingrain well-being into your work culture.

Topic Summary: We all have lots on our “plate” and are often expected to juggle many different roles. Discover a fun strategy for developing a culture of health and/or assess where you maybe deficient in your current strategy. We will explore 7 parts of culture, including those internal and external components that can help you create the healthy vibe you want.

In addition to learning to apply the Great-8 to your worksite wellness program, we will be taking some time to look at you…the wellness administrator. You spend so much time building programs, championing for the employee and listening to powerful stories, it’s time you get a little wellness love thrown your way.


Lisa Roberson RDN, LD, National Director, Wellness and Sustainability, Morrison Healthcare
Topic: Learn, Cook, and Enjoy: Engaging your Employees through a Pop-Up Teaching Kitchen Experience

Topic Summary:  A pop-up teaching kitchen is a portable culinary experience that engages audiences to explore food, culinary and nutrition literacy. During this hands-on micro-learning session before lunch, participants will work together to execute simple culinary tasks that contribute to a common experience. Why a pop-up teaching kitchen? Teaching kitchens positively impact food choices and experiences and team engagement with food can improve employee productivity, morale, health and wellbeing status, team spirit and reduce burnout. Companies such as Barilla, Google and the Mayo Clinic use teaching kitchens with their employees to promote culinary nutrition skills, teambuilding and fun.


MJ Shaar, Wellness & Motivational Speaker
Topic: ‚ÄčFostering Positivity That Fuels Productivity 

Topic Summary: Would you agree that life’s demands are constantly increasing, making it a little harder for us to feel and be at our best each day? As a result, we may end up overwhelmed and under-energized, wondering how to fit healthy habits into our schedules. Yet, by learning how to leverage the interactions between four of our basic lifestyle behaviors, sleep, food, mood and exercise, we can achieve better health with less effort. This highly interactive session will introduce a strength-based wellness model that draws from research in positive psychology, physiology, biochemistry, behavioral change and health promotion. It will show you why starting a health journey by improving mood often turns the daunting process of changing habits into an accessible, encouraging practice. To help you achieve this mood uplift, MJ will produce loads of data on the benefits of humanizing the workplace, and share five positive psychology inspired strategies to help you foster the kind of positivity that fuels productivity. The strategies shared can be implemented even with no or low budgets. Better yet, these suggestions will not add more time strain on your employee’s busy schedules because they can be implemented while everyone is working, so there are no excuses not to participate! MJ will share inspiration to get the positive vibes flowing abundantly so you will leave feeling energized, empowered and ready for action!

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