COVID-19 Online Risk Assessment Available

Concerned you may have Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Take our free risk screening for care recommendations. We're also happy to offer guidance on public health and other community safety recommendations related to COVID-19.

Wondering how to handle Halloween this year?

Many traditional Halloween activities — like collecting candy door-to-door — can be high risk for spreading COVID-19. But there are plenty of ways to have fun while avoiding the scare of being exposed to or spreading the virus.


Is it a cold, the flu, COVID-19 or simply Fall allergies?

You wake up with a sore throat or sniffles. Do you immediately begin to worry? “Do I have COVID-19? Or could it be just a cold? What about allergies? Is it the flu?” We give you a visual to look at the differences and similarities among the flu, colds, COVID-19 and seasonal allergies


Effects of COVID-19 on Heart Patients

An increasing number of clinical studies are now reporting preexisting cardiovascular disease to be linked with a higher risk of complications and worse outcomes in patients with COVID-19.


Ask the Experts: Pregnancy and Newborn Care During COVID

How does COVID-19 affect pregnancy and newborns? Dr. Kathleen Jaeger, an BJC Medical Group OBGYN from Missouri Baptist Medical Center, and Dr. John Cole, a Washington University Clinical Associates pediatrician, discuss additional precautions to take around babies during COVID-19


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When you come to a BJC HealthCare facility, don't forget your mask

Patients, visitors and staff are now required to wear face masks at BJC HealthCare facilities.