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Global BJC Connection


The BJC Global Connection group supports team members from different nationalities and provides an opportunity for all team members to explore different cultures from around the world. Group members focus on building community, connecting with colleagues, networking with leaders and supporting communities BJC serves.

Nergis Cavitt

Nergis Cavitt

Puneet Freibott

Puneet Freibott

Cyril Tamakloe

Cyril Tamakloe

BJC Global Connection co-leads:

  • Nergis Cavitt, senior learning & development consultant, BJC HealthCare
  • Cyril Tamakloe, CT charge technologist, Missouri Baptist Medical Center

BJC Global Connection executive sponsor:

  • Puneet Freibott, vice president & associate chief nurse officer, Barnes-Jewish Hospital

To learn more about the BJC Global Connection Group, please email us.

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‘You never know how much impact you can have just by being who you are’
Mar 2022

‘You never know how much impact you can have just by being who you are’

BJC Women’s Connection group celebrates International Women’s Day

This year’s session featured a panel discussion with Gina Calder, president of Barnes-Jewish St. Peters and Progress West hospitals; Riham El-Lakany, BJC senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer; and Sally Terrace, BJC vice president and deputy general counsel who will become senior vice president and general counsel in September, who shared their thoughts about personal development, self-care and more.

Emily Brasel, BJC employee communications director, moderated the Q & A session, asking the panelists questions, while the audience had opportunities to submit their own questions during the virtual event.

The panel members answered a variety of questions, including:

• Who is the most influential woman in your life and why?
• How do you maintain healthy behaviors?
• Is there anything you do, read or watch that provides you inspiration?
• What is your biggest barrier?
• If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 20-year-old self?
• What is your guilty pleasure?
• What strength do you each recognize as your superpower?
• What was your biggest worry five years ago and do you still worry about that today?
• Other than social media, what apps on your phone can you not live without?
• If you won the lottery tomorrow and decided not to work anymore, what would you do?

All three panelists said their mother was the most influential woman in their lives. “My mom led with grace, wisdom and love,” said Calder. “She is my biggest cheerleader, and I am very grateful for her because she made me who I am today.”

“My mom had the most impact on my life and I learned a lot of my values from her,” added El-Lakany, while Terrace said her mom was her biggest supporter.

Some of their guilty pleasures include watching true crime shows, reading People Magazine and eating a bowl of ice cream every evening.

Studying what leads people to commit corporate fraud, meditating and spending time in prayer are a few of the activities that give them inspiration, while confidence, being in the moment and curiosity are the strengths they see as their superpowers. The smartphone apps the panelists can’t live without include their photos, Waze and FaceTime.

All three women noted that making time to care for themselves is “a work in progress,” but they emphasized the importance of doing so.

“To maintain healthy behaviors, I have to schedule things and make it a priority to walk or join an exercise class,” said Terrace. Calder maintains healthy behaviors by doing things that bring her joy, and El-Lakany makes getting enough sleep a priority.

They also shared what they would tell their younger selves, if they could go back in time.

“If I could go back in time and give advice to my 20-year-old self,” says Terrace, “I would tell myself to have fun along the way, be around people who support you and enjoy life.”

Calder’s advice would be to focus on family, and El-Lakany said she would tell herself to have more patience.

If they won the lottery, all three panelists said they would travel. Calder noted that she would also give back to the community, El-Lakany would love to volunteer more and make jewelry, and Terrace would hire a personal organizer.

To hear more of the discussion and view the entire video, click here.


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