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Ask the BJC Expert allows you to get the answers you need about a variety of health, medicine and exercise issues to help you live a more healthy life.

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I’m a very skinny 20-year-old girl. I want to gain weight in my legs and hands as they are too thin. Tips?

We cannot change our body type, nor can we choose where we put the extra weight. In order to put on weight, you have to eat more calories than you are currently eating and/or exercise less. If it is difficult for you to eat a larger volume at meal times, include a high calorie, nutritious snack between each meal. Examples are: nuts, dried fruit, protein bar, cheese and whole grain crackers, greek yogurt with fruit and granola, or nut butter sandwich.

At meals, bump up calories by cooking with olive oil, adding avocados to salads and sandwiches, melting cheese on entrees, using extra butter on vegetables, and more dressings on salads. Most of your extra calories should be from nutritious sources, but the occasionally splurge of ice cream, or cake is okay. You can also eat sweets such as banana bread, pumpkin pie, or cookies with raisins and nuts that are healthier. Homemade smoothies at breakfast or snack time also work! Also, drink your fluids between meals so your stomach has more room for food at meals.

It can also be helpful to work with a an RD (registered dietitian) at your local hospital on an outpatient basis to learn more.

Nutrition counseling services are offered at:

BJC dietitians also can be located by calling Help For Your Health at 314.747.7234.

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