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I’m a 23-year-old female with no health problems. I want to lose weight but I’m a busy student with no time to exercise. Can I eat gluten- and dairy-free products? Do they aid in losing weight? Do they cause bloating? I have fat accumulation in my belly and thighs.

A nutritious diet can include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, lean proteins, and primarily unsaturated fats. Consuming gluten and dairy free foods can be a part of the plan. It is not known if those products will help you lose weight, nor can we predict if a food will cause bloating. Dairy products, due to the lactose in them, are common culprits for bloating.

It is wise to keep processed foods and restaurant eating to a minimum if you want to reach a healthier weight. Try to consume foods in their most natural state with little fats or condiments added. Ideally, half of your plate is vegetables, 1/4 lean protein (such as fish, poultry, tenderloin) and 1/4 plate a whole grain. You may have a fruit or low fat dairy on the side. To lose weight, calories consumed need to be less than calories burned. Eating plenty of produce and other foods high in fiber, along with a good intake of water can help you feel satisfied.

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