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What is a good exercise program to do if you are about 200 lbs. overweight? I have back and knee problems. I love to bike ride and walk for as long as I can but I need to know how much I should be able to do at first and after that?

It's difficult to say what you will be capable of doing to start, but it's time to address the back and knee problems, as pain is a huge deterrent from CONTINUING what you start. So first, contact a physical therapist or exercise physiologist to give you some exercises directly related to strengthening your back and knees, while also providing a "whole body" workout type of feel. Given the amount that you consider yourself "overweight" I would suggest an initial assessment of your fitness levels with an exercise specialist before you start on your own with any type of program. Most gyms (including Move by BJC) will provide an initial fitness assessment free of charge if you join.

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