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My BMI, blood sugars, LDL, and HDL are always within normal range but my triglycerides are very high and have been high since my 30's. Doctors have told me to "get this number down" or I am headed for metabolic syndrome/prediabetes. There is no history in my family of Type 2 Diabetes. Why would just triglycerides be so out of whack when everything else is WNL and how can I get it within normal range?

There are  gene variants that cause triglyceride levels to be high. Some diseases and health conditions are connected to high triglycerides too. Some medications cause triglycerides to increase. Discuss your concerns with your doctor and have a complete physical to explore a cause. Next, look very closely at your diet and lifestyle. Alcohol, added sugars, and excess calories all can increase triglycerides. Eating fatty fish at least twice a week is helpful, as is including other sources of Omega-3's, like walnuts. More exercise and weight loss can help, if needed. BMI may be fine, but excess abdominal fat is a risk factor to our heart and for diabetes. Ask your doctor about taking fish oil supplement. A consult with a registered dietitian is important too.

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