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I've been smoke-free for a little over a year now. The trade off is that I've gained some weight. When I exercise, I get winded quicker than I used to. What is the best way to gain back some of my lung capacity, so I can better exercise to shed the extra pounds?

I'm going to give you a few different ways to train in order to reach your goals. From a weight loss perspective, it's important to burn lots of calories, as you can only lose weight if you're willing to burn off more than you bring in. I'd recommend that you do 45 minutes to an hour of moderate intensity cardio each day (5+ days per week) in order to burn some calories. By moderate intensity, I mean you should be able to speak while exercising. In order to make progress, track some parameter of your exercise (such as calories burned or distance) and make sure that you try to increase that amount over time. Secondly, in order to improve your cardiovascular health, you need to exercise at high intensities, but only in short bursts. You can run 10-20 second sprints with a few minutes of rest in between, or try interval training like Tabata or HIIT sessions (Google those). Either way, it's far more efficient for you to train high intensity for short bursts than it is to train moderate intensity all the time. Good luck!

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