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I have been following the Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load diet and have been able to bring my A1C down to 6.1. I was on multiple oral agents and was told I would have had to go on Insulin so I am happy with the results. I also lost a lot of weight following this diet (that was not the goal, but a happy side effect). My question is, It is difficult to find a "Source of Truth" about This Diet and have found conflicting information at times. Is there a reputable source or two I can reference?

You are right; the research done on the Glycemic Index Diet is inconclusive. Nutrition is often a "gray area." There are many diets you could follow to improve your nutritional intake and/or lose weight. Following the GI diet obviously worked for you. It does improve the quality of the food you consume overall. Here is a link to a comprehensive U.S.News & World Report article that may help. And here is a link to an article on carbs. I cannot endorse any book or article since the research is not clear.

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