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Working the night shift and taking daily meds, would you consider taking your meds when you get ready for your night shift, or would you take them in the a.m. before you go to sleep in the daytime, since your day really gets started in the evening?

This is a very good question. Most medications are given based on the typical patient's day. They get up in the morning and take the daily meds. Drugs like thyroid replacement products need to be taken early before breakfast. Drugs to help one sleep of course should be taken prior to going to bed. 

Since you do shift work, your "normal day" is shifted also. Take the typical night time medications prior to your specific bedtime. Take your typical daily medications when you get up prior to work. The timing of medications is based on the patient's normal day, not specific clock times.

The problem with timing begins when one's work schedule switches from days to nights and back. If you do not have a regular or constant schedule, please speak to your physician about the timing of your medications.

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