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My 4 month 16.5 pound son has RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). His pediatrician told me to give him 1 ml of plain guaifenesin. I'm scared to give it to him. Is it ok to give him?

Even though the FDA does not recommend giving children 6 or under any OTC cough or cold medications, the use of these medications under the direction of a doctor/pediatrician is perfectly appropriate. 

The concentration of the expectorant guaifenesin (Robitussin or Mucinex) liquid is 100mg/5ml. The dose the pediatrician is recommending for your baby is 20 mg. Previously doses of 25-50 mg every 4 hours as needed up to 300 mg/day were recommended. The 20 mg dose is below this previously suggested dose.

Give this only when needed, not sooner than every 4 hours. Try to give extra water or other liquids while using this medication. If you have further concerns or if the child is not getting better, please contact the pediatrician.

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