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On warfarin. Hard stool. I take lactulose. Is it OK to take liquid paraffin?

The liquid paraffin (refined mineral oil) is a product found in the UK and can interact with both warfarin (Coumadin) and lactulose (Chronulac). Other laxatives can interfere with the actions of lactulose in treating certain conditions. Do not take lactulose and other laxatives together without talking to your health care provider.

When taking warfarin, it is recommended you let your health care professional know if you regularly use mineral oil as a laxative. Mineral oil might change your response to warfarin treatment, and your prescriber may need to monitor your INR regularly to ensure no adverse effects are noted. Be sure to let your prescriber know all the medications you take, prescription and non-prescription, including dietary supplements.

While taking warfarin, you must carefully watch for signs of bruising or bleeding.

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