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My 14-month-old, 23 lb son took 2.5 tbsp of prednisone and he's only suppose to take 3ml, is he going to be ok or do I seek medical help?

Your question is problematic in several ways.

Is the medication prednisone or prednisolone? The concentrations and dosing is different.

Did the child get 2 and a half (2.5) teaspoonfuls or tablespoonfuls? There is a 3x difference in standard sizes.

First, you should call the Poison Control Hotline 1-800-222-1222

Next choice, call the child's doctor or take him to a hospital.

Prednisolone (Prelone) is the most common liquid steroid used in pediatrics. The concentration is 15mg/5ml or 3mg/ml. The recommended dose in young children is 2mg/kg/day. Your son weighs about 10.5kg so the maximum daily dose would be 21mg. If you gave 2.5 tablespoonfuls he got about 37-38mls of prednisolone. This would be 111mg-114mg. This is a major overdose. If it was teaspoonfuls, the amounts would be about 12.5ml which would mean 37.5mg. Still more than one and a half times maximum daily dose.

If the medication is prednisone, it is available in a 5mg/5ml liquid. This product is very infrequently used.
The maximum daily dose for pediatric use is 3mg/kg/day. For your son that would be 31.5mg. If using tablespoons, he would have received 37-38mg of drug. This is over the daily maximum by more than 20%. If using teaspoons, he would have received about 18mg. This dose may be alright.

I would suspect you have prednisolone and he was given an overdose. Please always double check the medication, directions and the dose you give for any child's drugs. Their safety and life are in your hands.

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