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So I'm prescribed Keflex. If I stop taking it half way through, will this Keflex ever work again? Even if I get a new bottle.

The concern isn't if the Keflex (cephalexin) will work again, but if the infection you where taking it for will get worse. The length of time for a course of antibiotic therapy is determined by the susceptibility of the infecting organism and the effectiveness of the antibiotic. When you start taking the antibiotic, the weakest bacteria die first. If you do not take the antibiotic until completion, the bacteria that do not die are the strongest and hardest to kill. Then they replicate and your infection can get worse, requiring a stronger antibiotic.

This is one of the leading causes of "super bugs" that are resistant to antibiotics. Always complete the antibiotic prescription unless your physician instructs you differently. Your doctor and pharmacist should have instructed you of the duration of your antibiotic therapy, how and when to take the medication and if there were any specific storage requirements for the drug.

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