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I am not particularly fond of vegetables but find that they help fill me up without adding many calories, which is a big plus in my weight losing efforts. Can you suggest ways to "spark up" the appeal of vegetables and how to prepare them without losing the nutritional value? Also what seasonings work well with veggies?

We have come a very long way from the dull, drab days of canned veggies, so don't even go there. First start with a trip to your grocery store or better yet, go to one of the great farmer's markets we have to get a look at what is available. You are going to be surprised at the many varieties you find. Ask questions and taste, then decide what you really like.

When it comes to cooking methods the best way to preserve the nutrients is by grilling and steaming. I grill all my veggies on my outside grill and use a simple seasoning of sea salt, fresh ground pepper, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and a squeeze of lemon or lime. This way you can really taste the flavor of the fresh vegetables! Remember the brighter the colors, the higher the nutritional value!

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